Hello, I am Laura Bertinelli, a graphic designer and illustrator who loves cats, cooking and collecting knick-knacks.

This is where I get together all the (beautiful) things that inspire me and where I write down my life tales.
June 12th
10:31 PM

British food I love! A small handmade book (and having fun in photoshop)

Hello everyone!
My life in London is going suuuuper fast, I barely have the time to doodle on a sketchbook, BUT… I found out how to create mini book out of A4 sheets!

Obviously, I had to try. 
So I made this mini illustrated book about some new British entries in my eating habits.

I will be printing some copies of the mini book and drop them around London, so if you’re lucky you might find one!



May 29th
9:32 PM

Updates from London!

Here is a super quick blog post with some photos, just to let you know that I’m alive and doing great here in London!

I love this city, so many things had to be done, and more to come!

So be patient, as I try to understand my new life, and for now enjoy these pics! <3


(The Regent’s Canal walk is my favorite so far!!)


Lots of creative people around here! I’m in love!

Last photo of me and my mini pony hair… I turned raven black!
It was time for my hair to have a break from bleach and extreme dyes.

But I love my new color!

Love, always!


April 22nd
3:36 PM

Tea time!

Back in March, I entered the To Dry For 2013 design competition with this illustration:

And the great news is that, even if I didn’t win the contest, my illustration is in the selection of their favorites: here they are! 
I’m flattered and super happy, because all of the selected artworks are amazing. So many super talented fellow illustrators out there!

See you next year with another entry, ehe!


10:32 AM


I’ve been very internet-quiet lately, and do you know why? 
I’m going to London next week!

Looking for new work experiences and (most important) to live new ADVENTURES!
It’s time for me to be audacious, I’m ready to face changes and to be a bit silly/crazy as well! 

Plus, I can’t wait to be there to meet my two dearest penpals, Viktorija and Charlotte!

So, now I want you to flood me with links, suggestions and advices about places to visit, shops, restaurants, parks… everything! YAY! 

In just 7 days I will be in a whole new world! Eeeek! 




[illustration by Blanca Gomez]

March 31st
8:21 AM
Happy Sunday, and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it! :)
love, always!L.
Ps. This image looks nice as an iphone wallpaper, try it! :)

Happy Sunday, and happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it! :)

love, always!

Ps. This image looks nice as an iphone wallpaper, try it! :)

March 26th
10:03 AM

Illustrated desktop wallpaper

It’s springtime, and as you can see from my instagram photos, this makes me so happy and excited!

I decided to do an illustrated wallpaper to celebrate (especially because the weather isn’t exactly how it is supposed to be in spring… we all need an injection of happiness when the sky is gloomy!), and you can download it here.

The image should fit most laptop screens, but feel free to contact me if you need it bigger!


Love, always!


March 12th
11:56 AM
Spring is coming ♥

Spring is coming ♥

March 5th
9:39 AM

New items in my etsy shop!

Remember, a few weeks ago, when I posted a sneak peek of some stamped cards I did at home? With handmade rubber stamps?

Now they’re available in my etsy shop!

I am selling sets of 4 cards each, and you can choose if you want 4 copies of the same design, or an assorted set with different cards.
They are blank on the other side, and can be also framed or hanged to your wall.

Of course, they are printed with black and pink inks! :D

Creating stamps is super fun, even if it’s difficult and I have to improve a lot in order to make more detailed designs, but I will be definitely playing more with rubber! I want to do more stamps and cards!

But in my shop there aren’t only cards and postcars: I am selling linocut prints that I did last year in December during a workshop, remember?


It took me ages to put new items in my shop, but I finally made it!


Have a great day,

love, always

March 4th
3:38 PM

Hitnes, “Paginae Naturalis”

On Saturday I went to the Zoology Museum here in Roma to see one of the most beautiful exhibitions I’ve seen in a while: Paginae Naturalis, by street artist Hitnes.


Paginae naturalis is an exhibition of acrylic paintings on paper, a collection of naturalistic illustrations made on vintage newspapers, music sheets, ancient Greek poems… all sorts of antique papers from all over the world.

The setting was surreal: hundreds of stuffed animals inside glass display cases, and next to them these beautiful paintings. I took some crappy pics with instagram:


My favorite paintings were the birds series, but really, every single piece is wonderful.

Check the website to see the whole collection! 


The exhibition will be open until April 7, so if you are in Roma you should really go and have a look. 



February 19th
12:49 PM

introducing a new project: tsktsk!

It’s time for me to write a blog post about one of my favorite latest projects, which began in January and gave me the opportunity to work with new medias and styles.

Sooo, I’d like to introduce to you tsktsk, that is the new exciting project that came out from our (my boyfriend’s and mine) brains! 
The idea behind it is simple: we like to draw, we like art, we want to have fun, and so we decided to start doing exciting and creative things together.

It is great to see how much our different tastes in art influence each other’s work! The only rule we have is to have fun, and to try and do whatever we want to.

Therefore, our first two projects were all about street art!




On a quiet night back in January, we went out with a bag full of little monsters and creatures (we called them blobbini) and glued them out in the streets!

An invasion of brightly colored cretures in the center of Roma! Yay!




image image

A few weeks later, during a lovely weekend in Firenze, we did the upgrade to “real” stickers.

We designed a series of stickers dedicated to the city we were visiting (its landmarks, famous people, artists, traditions) and the result was awesome: La porti un bacione a Firenze is our second street art project!


image image

Last, but not least, we decided to create a coloring book with our doodles and illustrations!

We opened an etsy shop where you can buy it: it’s a black and white book, 40 pages, A5 size… ready to be colored! We want you to have fun with us! :D

And keep an eye on our shop because we are working on some more items to be sold there!

Working in two is definitely a challenge, but I have the feeling that we’re a great team: we have so many ideas already, so I can’t wait to see what will happen next!
2013 will be the year of tsktsk! 

You can follow us on tumblrfacebook and instagram!


12:03 PM

new handmade cards (just a sneak peek!)

If you’re following me on instagram then this won’t be anything new, but let me share it again: last night I spent 4+ hours making cards with handmade rubber stamps (while I was watching trash tv shows, but that’s another story), and they will be soon in my etsy shop!

I still have to decide, but I think that the cards will be sold in sets of 4.
(4 of the same design, or a mix? What would you do?)

Here are some photos!


As you can see, by the end of the night I covered the floor with cards!
Stamps are such a great thing to use, I just have to learn how to carve more complex designs :)

 Stay tuned, because soon I will list them in my shop!


January 29th
5:19 PM
Animated GIF made with MoQuu app. Yay!

Animated GIF made with MoQuu app. Yay!

11:18 AM

#iseefaces is my new favorite game

When I was a little girl my brother and I used to play a lot the “I see faces” game, and now that I’m older, I still look for faces in objects and landscapes.

Faces can be seen anywhere, and one day I spotted this face made of dead leaves on the sidewalk: I took a photo and uploaded it on instagram, to find out that it’s full of photos tagged #iseefaces (just you try!)

So, here are some of my latest facespotting photos!

Do you play this game? Ever played it?
I’m sure that I will fill my instagram feed with new #iseefaces photos, now that I found out that I’m not the only one! :D


January 14th
11:55 PM


(on Monday!)



52 lists… I can’t believe that a year has already gone… it’s so weird!
Looking through the old lists… wow, so many things changed, I even got a bit emotional… ^_^
But to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever do a one year long project again. It’s so intense! Smaller projects are better: I change idea too quickly! This has been helpful, because I learnt how to be constant on a project, and on a drawing style, and I also have to admit that I learnt a lot, in terms of drawing!
So it was definitely a helpful and important thing to do. But now, stop!
I hope that you enjoyed reading my illustrated adventures as much as I enjoyed drawing them. 
I am now working on new projects, but my ultimate goal for 2013 is to do one thing at a time, without rushing, and to do all things with love and dedication.
Love, always!
December 24th
1:01 PM
♥ Happy holidays ♥

♥ Happy holidays ♥